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Level 2 Intermediate Training

“I’ve got some skills, but need more.”

Have you been riding adventure bikes for years but with no formal training? Perhaps you’re looking to “refresh” training that you took 1, 3 or 5 years ago?  Have you already taken our Level I Training and looking to take the next step and up your game? Or maybe you just want to take a refresher course each year to kick off the riding season. If you’ve answered yes to these questions, Level II Training is for you.

Continuing from our Level I class and/or building upon the skills you have already, this 2-day training class further refines your control of the motorcycle through the mastery of “The Triple Threat” – the Clutch,Throttle and Brake at slow speeds, over terrain and during tight maneuvering.  Body position is critical in Level II training and will be explained and practiced at length.

Unique to West 38 Moto, is our proven advanced training curriculum, which allows for Day 1 in a controlled environment at our training facility to learn new skills, followed by Day 2 on-trail putting your new skills into action.  Through our years of experience, we have found that students learn best in a closed-circuit environment, but that those new skills are best retained and ingrained by going out in a real-world and carefully selected trail environment to practice those new skills. Our goal is not only to equip you with the knowledge necessary to become a better rider, but put you in a real environment where skills can be practiced, understood and remembered while under the watchful eye of a trained instructor.

Level II Training is for life-long learners; those who realize motorcycling is a perishable skill.  At the end of this two-day training event, you’ll be ready to ride more technical trails, further gain confidence and become a better rider. Practice is still key, however. Ride with others who have good riding techniques, display safe and considerate motorcycling etiquette and encourage you to “ride your own ride”.  Also consider a multi-day tour or Level III Training with West 38 Moto to up your game.

A list of Intermediate training exercises and skills:

We will up the game with slower speeds, and more balancing exercises

Not only will we do this in a classroom setting but we will be on the trail learning “why” this is important and what situations it is used the most in

We will learn more front brake control while also feeling what it is like to skid the front wheel.

A very useful technique in many places including the unplanned rock garden

This is probably one of the most useful techniques to feeling more comfortable in corners.

This is where we understand better how to control skids and how to use the rear brake for directional turning

Using the throttle to slide the rear wheel. This can be done on a straight road but is most useful for steering through and out of corners.

This exercise will be more difficult in this classroom setting and will continue on the trail using steep up and downhill corners. Comfortably turning tight takes a lot of finesse and requires intense focus on body position.

This is not only a useful tool but it is fun to learn. It’s all about timing and control. We will practice on smaller rideable obstacles and go from there.

Common Questions:

We usually start around 9am and end around 5pm

Please plan on packing a lunch. This provides us with as much time together as we can. This is also a good time for casual conversation.

Some events may have exceptions to this so please review additional information in the specific event.

Safety is always highest priority.

If rain, snow or ice is expected, we will make a determination if the class needs to be rescheduled or postponed.

Tires of style suitable for 50/50 street/dirt are good for entry level.

The more rugged generally provides more confidence.

Pure street tires are not recommended.

We want to avoid injuries as much as possible. Please consider the following:

  • Helmet
  • Over the ankle boots at a minimum
    • motocross style is preferred
  • Jacket and/or upper-body protection
  • Pants and/or lower-body protection
  • Gloves

You do not need to fully outfit your bike yet. Many big adventure bikes are outfitted with some protection from plastic damage caused by falls – crash bars. The benefit you will receive from us during the training will be outfitting suggestions. We will go over some of the best gear to help make the bike better fit you as well as bike protection.

We do require that you have a motorcycle endorsement and some riding experience.

We do not require that you take our Level 1 Course but it is highly recommended.

Price for 2 Day Training Event


Our Friendly Refund Policy:
We do not require a deposit for our events.
If something comes up, and you are not able to make the event, we can either arrange for a future event or provide a refund. Processing fees may be applied to the refund.

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