Back Country Exploration Motorcycle Tours

Our 3 Day Back Country Exploration and Readiness Rides are designed to get you beyond the training course and out into the real world of adventure riding!

These 3 day rides are in conjunction with the 2 day training. We are conducting these events right after the training you just received. Perfect!

Our goal is to equip you with the necessary riding skills and technique to build your confidence in exploring the back country! We conduct these rides right after your West 38 Moto training to use what you have just learned. Add this to your 2 Day training to get you out exploring and learning more on the trail!

What Is Back Country Exploration And Readiness Training?

In these three days we dig deeper into preparing you for a day ride or an extended trip. Whether you are riding by yourself or in a group, camping or staying in hotels, these three days will equip you with the skills knowledge to be more comfortable with the adventure you choose.

What Am I Going To Learn?

We take our training to the next level by getting out on the trails and riding in the real world environment. Below are some additional things you will learn on when you choose the Back Country Exploration and Readiness Experience:

Gear for you and your bike

  • Choosing riding gear for proper protection and comfort
  • Setting up your bike with the proper protection for back country riding
  • Making adjustments to improve ergonomic comfort and control of your motorcycle
  • Traveling – How to pack along with luggage and gear recommendations

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On the trail

  • Understanding terrain changes and adjusting your riding technique
  • How to adjust to weather changes and riding conditions
  • Proper hydration and maintaining good energy levels
  • Understanding the effects of mental fatigue and how to manage this
  • Using your GPS while on the trail to navigate
  • Testing the use of the Garmin InReach location device

Morning and Evening Short Clinics

  • Demonstrating basic field repairs like tubed and tubeless tire repair, chain link repair, crank case and valve cover repair
  • How to tow bike to bike
  • Bike rescue and recovery
  • Setting up your GPS with tracks and basecamp basics
  • Packing for a day trip or for an extended day trip
  • Setting up camp – what to look for in a good site and where to set up your tent

What Is The Riding Like?

Our 3 Day rides focus on going beyond the cones and transferring training to the trail. We want you to have fun and enjoy riding in the beautiful back country. That said, we will take opportunities to talk about reading and adjusting to terrain changes, handling obstacles and managing the bike through tougher, slightly more technical sections.

Beyond the Cones Training

If you have taken a West 38 Moto or other training course and want to get some real world riding with real time instruction and learn much more about exploring the back country, these events are exactly what you are looking for.

Back Country Lodge

This experience brings you all inclusive amenities. We will take care of everything so all you have to do is show up! Lodging will be provided at a premier location away from all the hustle and bustle allowing for more relaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet.

Back Country Camping

This training and ride experience is designed to get you camping in the back country. Whether you have never camped before or are a seasoned vet, join us as we take you to some of the best riding and camping spots anywhere!

What will I learn beyond the cones?

We take our training to the next level by getting out on the trails and riding in the real world environment. Here are some additional things you will learn when you choose the Back Country Lodge Experience:

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Want more? See details and registration!