Discover Colorado – Camp & Hotel

6 Day Colorado Discovery Tour – Nights of Camp/Hotel Mix

Join us as we take you through the gorgeous and majestic mountains of Colorado! We will be following most of the Colorado BDR Route and add in fun detours and additional scenic spots for camping out under the stars! This is an all inclusive tour with meals, lodging and a support truck and trailer to carry your stuff and also an extra bike. We will stay at nice hotels in some of Colorado’s most famous mountain towns. On our camping nights, a bathroom and shower will be available. Join us for this adventure!



Breakfast and dinner will be at or near the hotels we stay in. There will be days when we have enough time to stop at restaurants for lunch. There will be other days we will take pre-prepared lunches to enjoy on the trail.


Proper riding gear is a must! If you have any questions about riding gear and clothing, feel free to contact us and we can cover this in more detail. In general, people tend to over pack clothing items. Besides riding gear (including a helmet, jacket, gloves, pants, and boots), you will need layers for frequent weather changes. Consider packing a separate set of comfortable clothes/shoes to wear in town or at the hotel or camp while we are lounging.


If you have a good set of tools it is not a bad idea to bring them; some people like to be self-sufficient. If you don’t have any or want to save room we should have enough tools to fix or repair most bikes on the fly.

Professional guide and instructor Dusty Wessels will be along to teach real world riding techniques on multiple changing terrain challenges. In addition there may be time for small clinics or real world trailside repair and rescue, including the following:

  • Tire/tube repair
  • Bike rescue
  • Bike-to-bike towing
  • Bike packing
  • GPS satellite response
  • Communication devices – helmet-to-helmet and music
  • Tools to bring
  • Trail etiquette
  • Team mentality


Pack lightly, efficiently, and in a way that encourages proper bike performance. We can help you with that! Since we will have a support truck on this tour, you are welcome to carry items on your bike or pack it in the support truck/trailer. If you do not have camping equipment, we offer rental tents and cots but you will need your own sleeping bag. We suggest daily packing of snacks, water, and clothing for layering to adjust for the conditions.


There is no one answer to this question because it depends on preferences, riding ability, and of course, budget. Any motorcycle can be converted into a dual sport bike. Heck, we know people who have converted their Harleys into adventure bikes! But if you have one that’s already capable of off-road riding, you can get started a little sooner. Many brands of bikes are readily available and, having ridden and owned most of the popular dual sport bikes, we can help you find the bike that fits you best. If you don’t have a bike right now, we can help you with a rental.


Our goal is to share our passion for riding and discovering remote locations on adventure and dual sport motorcycles with those who don’t quite know how to get into this…but really want to! We were all new at this once as well, and we had challenges finding good information about products, trips, groups, and classes. We want to be your resource for finding not only everything you need, but the best the industry has to offer. (And then go riding!)

  • Driver’s license with motorcycle endorsement
  • Your own motorcycle with updated registration and proof of insurance
    • If you don’t have a motorcycle or would like to rent one, we work with many reputable motorcycle rental outlets and we can assist you with bike rental.
  • Luggage to carry all your layering clothes and personal belongings while we are out for the day. The support truck can carry all the big stuff so you just need to pack for your day needs.
  • Optional: GPS or phone for navigation

What is included:

  • Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
    • Includes pre-tour welcome dinner in Riverside Wyoming and last dinner in Cortez, Colorado
    • Some days lunch will be packed and taken on the road
    • Tips/gratuities for meals
  • Hotel accommodations while on the tour
  • Professional guide and instruction service
  • Support truck and trailer to carry all your luggage and an extra bike available if needed

What is not included:

  • Motorcycle
    • Bring your own or
    • Rent a bike rental – we can assist you with a rental if needed
  • Camping gear, we have tents and cots for rent if you do not have camping gear
  • Fuel
    • Budget for up to $25/day
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Tips/gratuities for services not related to meals
  • Snacks, souvenirs

Sunday August 5th – Meet-up Day

We will all meet in the early afternoon in Riverside, Wyoming at the Lazy Acres Campground. The evening will include accommodations and a welcome dinner, where we get to know each other, trade riding stories, and talk about the upcoming tour.


Lazy Acres campground in Riverside, Wyoming is owned by Leroy and his wife, Leanne, who have owned this campground for over a decade now. I have been coming here since before they owned it, and they have since upgraded the bathrooms, showers, and wifi. The Bear Trap and Mangy Moose are just across the street, where we will have dinner and drinks the first night and breakfast in the morning before heading out.

Day 1 of 6 – Riverside, Wyoming to Steamboat Springs, Colorado

It’s all Colorado from here! We start our first day of riding with minimal pavement riding followed by nice, easy, wide dirt roads that take us across Wyoming’s border into Colorado. Northern Colorado offers views of distant mountain ranges, wide open spaces, and high-dollar operating cattle ranches. The Colorado Back Country Discovery Route starts/ends at the Wyoming border (depending on which direction you choose). We are doing this route in reverse of the BDR map to mix things up a bit and save some of the best scenery and most challenging terrain for the end! Today’s ride will be the perfect way to ease into the trip.


Steamboat Springs offers spectacular tent camping tonight under the stars. Although we recognize the appeal of rustic camping, West38Moto’s support truck and fifth wheel camper will be available with access to a bathroom (and shower if needed). During this camping experience, we will offer instruction on basic motorcycle camping set-up, assist you in selecting a good tent location, and making your tent cozy. Once camp is all set up, we will enjoy an evening meal and drinks by the fire and under the stars – it doesn’t get much better!

Day 2 of 6 – Riding Steamboat Springs to Eagle

Today’s ride features some of the most open terrain we will have the entire trip! Leaving camp, we will follow a section of the Continental Divide to connect to the COBDR trail and into the Gore Pass region. At the top of our climb we will have stunning views of the Colorado River as we make our way down the gorge, where we learn the history of the area and of the controversial man named Gore! We snake along the Colorado River Road and ride through some fantastic red mountain scenery as we make our way into Eagle, Colorado.


Tonight, the charming town of Eagle will host our group with a good ole mountain town dinner and a comfortable hotel. A good night’s rest will lead us into a hearty breakfast the next morning and the trek to Buena Vista.

Day 3 of 6 – Eagle to Buena Vista

Today we start our ride winding around the back roads of Eagle to meet up with the BDR tracks. Our route will take us by Sylvan lake on our way over Hagerman Pass. As we descend Hagerman Pass into the town of Leadville, you’ll notice two of Colorado’s highest peaks – Mount Elbert and Mount Massive – come into view! The same peaks become our backdrop as we then climb Weston Pass, which leads us to some of the most fun two track riding of the trip! We will wind our way into the beautiful (and appropriately-named) town of Buena Vista, boasting views of the largest collection of 14,000-ft peaks in Colorado!


Tonight will be another terrific night of camping under the stars just outside Buena Vista. Again, you will have access to West38Moto’s support vehicles for bathroom and shower needs. Put the skills you learned from the first night of camping to use to set up camp – the West38Moto team will be there to assist if needed. Then get set for another round of dinner and drinks in the unforgettable Colorado Rockies.

Day 4 of 6 – Buena Vista to Lake City

Cottonwood Pass is still closed for paving, so we will pave our own way, riding the backroads between Buena Vista and Salida, where our views include the largest collection of 14ers in Colorado! After a stop in Salida, we will continue to Old Monarch Pass and wind through the backroads of the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness. Nestled in heart of Colorado is the quaint mountain town of Pitkin. I always feel like I have stepped back in time a bit when I visit this town – in a good way! After lunch in Pitkin, we will head out on some more open roads and meet back up with the BDR to take us on Los Pinos Pass road, one of my personal favorite stretches of the Colorado BDR! We then make our way along stretches of the Cebolla Creek on our way to today’s destination of Lake City!


Get ready to experience the small town of Lake City with its unique setting and local accommodations. After a well-deserved dinner, we will catch some zzzzzs in anticipation of the next morning’s ride to historic Ouray.

Day 5 of 6 – Lake City to Ouray

Get geared up for one of the most scenic riding days ever! We have two options coming out of Lake City based on how the group is feeling. A less technical bypass section to Ridgway by way of Owl Creek Pass offers stunning scenery and wide open ranch roads. Or there is a tougher part of the route that takes us over some amazing old mining roads and 4WD roads. We will traverse over 13,000 feet, crossing Cinnamon, California, Hurricane, and Corkscrew Passes while enjoying some absolutely breathtaking scenery at the top of the world. We will decide as a group whether we will all stick together or split up and meet in Ouray/Ridgway.


Once in Ouray/Ridgway with the group back together, we will make our way up Dallas Divide along Last Dollar Road. Mount Sneffels will be in view as we wind our way on the back roads between Ridgway and Telluride. We will camp outside Telluride at one of the most extraordinary Colorado campsites, where the West38Moto bathroom and shower will be available. We will get camp all set up and wonder how camping could possibly get any better.

Day 6 of 6 – Ouray to Cortez

Our morning begins with amazing scenery as we wind our way down into illustrious ski town of Telluride. We will cruise through town and make our way to the base of Bridal Veil Falls, where we can ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ at our view of Black Bear Pass. From there we will ride around, check out the area, and discuss options. After we are done in Telluride, we make our way through some gorgeous mountain ranches and pass a few other Colorado 14ers – Mount Wilson, Wilson Peak, and El Diente – on our way to Groundhog Reservoir. There is a small convenience store there that I like to support, so consider a quick snack, and then we’ll get back on the road again. Our day will continue through the town of Delores and – say it ain’t so – end in Cortez, where we will have a farewell dinner and celebration!


Cortez is our end point. A celebration dinner will bring us together to brag about our accomplishments, dream about next trips, exchange information, and enjoy the memories from this trip. This may be the last night of this trip, but breakfast in the morning may just be the best time to plan your next adventure!

Price for Tour

Double Occupancy = $2495
Single Occupancy = $2795

38°45′16″N 106°28′42″W