Best of the Utah BDR Couples — All Hotel Tour

2Uptogether and West 38 Moto

6 Days and 7 Nights on the Best of the Utah BDR Couples All Hotel Tour 


Kevin and Beth Young of 2Uptogether and Dusty Wessels of West 38 Moto bring you 6 Days and 7 Nights on the Best of the Utah BDR

Join us as we take you through the gorgeous and majestic landscape of Utah! From the red rock deserts to the high mountain pines, Utah has every type of riding condition with the scenery to leave one speechless. Monument Valley, Valley of the Gods, La Sal Mountains, Moab, the Uinta Wilderness and much more are highlights of this adventure! There is a reason the Utah BDR is so popular…join us on this journey and see what the buzz is all about!


Professional guide and instructor, Dusty Wessels and seasoned two up couples riders Kevin and Beth Young from 2Uptogether will be along to teach real-world riding techniques on multiple changing terrain challenges. In addition, there may be time for small clinics and/or real-world trailside repair and rescue, including the following:

  • Tire/tube Repair
  • Bike rescue
  • Bike-to-bike towing
  • Bike packing
  • GPS satellite response
  • Communication devices — helmet-to-helmet and music
  • Tools to bring
  • Trail etiquette
  • Team mentality


Our goal is to share our passion for riding and discovering remote locations on adventure and dual sport motorcycles with newer and seasoned riders! If you are new at this, we were all new at this once too and we had challenges finding good information about products, trips, groups, and classes. We want to be your resource for finding not only everything you need, but the best the industry has to offer. (And then go riding!)


The riding on this trip is similar to mountain and desert riding. There will be sand, rocks, ruts, small hill climbs and washouts…so normal adventure riding! Don’t worry too much about the sand, it’s not terribly deep, we skip the worst sections and you have professional guides/instructors with you to assist you and the scenery and remoteness of the area makes up for it!



Breakfast and dinner will be at or near the hotels we stay in. There will be days when we have enough time to stop at restaurants for lunch. There will be other days we will take pre-prepared lunches to enjoy on the trail.


Proper riding gear is a must! If you have any questions about riding gear and clothing, feel free to contact us and we can cover this in more detail. In general, people tend to over pack clothing items. Besides riding gear (including a helmet, jacket, gloves, pants, and boots), you will need layers for frequent weather changes. Consider packing a separate set of comfortable clothes/shoes to wear in town or at the hotel while we are lounging. We will have a support vehicle that will carry your luggage throughout the trip.


If you have a good set of tools, it is not a bad idea to bring them; some people like to be self-sufficient. If you don’t have any (or want to save room), we should have enough tools to fix or repair most bikes on the fly.


There is no one answer to this question because it depends on preferences, riding ability, and of course, budget. Any motorcycle can be converted into a dual sport bike. Heck, we know people who have converted their Harleys into adventure bikes! For this tour, we will be riding terrain that is big adventure bike friendly (BMW 1200GS, KTM 1290 etc.). However, we have had many customers ride smaller and mid size dual sport bikes and enjoy the ride just as much. If you don’t have a bike right now, we can help you with a rental.


Pack lightly, efficiently, and in a way that encourages proper bike performance. We can help you with that! Since we are staying in all hotels, we can all travel lite on this tour. We suggest daily packing of snacks, water, and clothing for layering to adjust for the conditions.

What is included:

  • Hotel accommodations while on the tour
  • Breakfast meals to get your day started
  • Professional guide and instruction service
  • Route explanation and training for the conditions
  • Utah BDR Map from Butler Maps
  • Tracks of the Utah BDR and our specific route

What is not included:

  • Lunch and Dinner Meals: We will all be on our own paying for lunch and dinner meals. This will allow couples to enjoy an evening alone if desired.
  • Motorcycle
    • Bring your own or
    • Rent a bike rental – we can assist you with a rental if needed
  • Tips/gratuities for services not related to meals

Sunday September 15th  – Meet-up Day

We all meet in the early afternoon in Mexican Hat, Utah and get checked in to the San Juan Hotel. The evening will include dinner at the Swinging Steak Restaurant, a cool local spot with a twist on cooking steak! At dinner, we can all get to know each other, trade riding stories, and talk about the upcoming tour.

Day 1 – Mexican Hat to Monticello, Utah

After breakfast we head out on Valley of the Gods Road with multiple opportunities for amazing photos! Today’s ride has us skipping some of the really sandy sections of this part of the route, replacing it with nice winding dirt and paved roads. We leave the desert terrain and find ourselves in the lower pine mountains, making our way through these mountain roads and land in Monticello, Utah.

Day 2 – Monticello to Moab, Utah

Today’s ride is another mix of great terrain and scenery. As we leave Monticello, we skirt the alpine mountains on our way into the desert riding toward the La Sal Mountains of Utah. We will ride below this mountain range as we gaze at their presence presiding over the area as we enter into Moab, Utah. If you have never been to Moab, you are in for a treat! The scenery looks like it is painted into the landscape!

Day 3 – Relax or Ride in Moab, Utah

Today we have different riding options based on your preference. If you want to see the beauty of Arches National Park, we will take you there! If you are still up for some dirt, we will take you down Onion Creek where the rock wall formations tower over you as you ride the multiple water crossings on this trail. If you want a day off the bikes to hike, go to the Spa, or just take in the town, this is the day for that!

Day 4 – Moab to Green River, Utah

After breakfast, we make our way east toward the northern end of the La Sal Mountains. We skirt the alpine tundra again as we climb out of the Moab area. Our descent takes us back into the desert as we come upon Onion Creek Road. The scenery continues to astonish with multiple towering rock formations in the area known as Castle Valley. Soon in our view is the famous Dewey Bridge, which originally carried passengers across the Colorado River. Unfortunately, in 2008 it was inadvertently burned. It’s still there but was never rebuilt for a multitude of reasons. Just a few miles beyond the bridge we take another dirt road that takes us along the plateau overlooking the area – another great picture opportunity with gorgeous views! The rest of the ride leads us along dirt roads on either side of Interstate 70 to get us into Green River.

Day 5 – Green River to Price, Utah

Today’s start to the ride winds us around on nice gravel dirt roads. Along the way we stop at the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry to see some old fossils and check out the area – really cool seeing this stuff if you have never seen it! From there we make our way into the town of Wellington to gas up and grab any essentials. Since this is a shorter riding day with a few stops, we will see what time it is when we get to Wellington and decide if we will visit the Nine Mile Ranch on this day or wait until Day 6. Riding to Nine Mile Ranch we are greeted again with towering canyon walls and petroglyphs dating back thousands of years!

Day 6 – Price to Salt Lake City, Utah

Gear up for our last day of riding alongside towering canyon walls with multiple elevation changes. As we leave Nine Mile Canyon, have cameras at the ready for pictures at the petroglyph sites. There are over 1,000 catalogued pictographs and petroglyphs in this area. One could stay here for a week and hike to many of the sites. We will move on zigzagging our way out of the canyon and back up to the Alpine Mountains riding along the Reservation Ridge. The views on top of this ridge are some of the most spectacular on the entire trip!

We will enjoy a celebration dinner for our last night of the trip!

Stay tuned for 2020 tour dates with this awesome couple!



Our Refund Policy For Tours:
If something comes up, and you are not able to make the tour, we can either arrange for a future event or provide a refund. We will provide a full refund (minus any processing fees) if you cancel prior to 14 days before the tour launch date. If you cancel within 14 days of the tour launch date, we will provide a 50% refund of your deposit (minus any processing fees). Once the tour starts, we will not be able to process a refund but will work with you for a credit towards another event.


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