Off-Road Motorcycle Training — Level 3

Level 3 Advanced Training

“What are the limits to me and my bike?”

Don’t be fooled by the quote; you don’t have to be Chris Birch to take our Level III Training, but you do need a strong desire to perfect your riding techniques. You must also take our Level II Training as a prerequisite to this class.

Offered exclusively at our location in breathtaking Ouray, CO and taught by West 38 Moto Founder and Chief Training Instructor, Dusty Wessels, this 2-day training class builds on the mastery of throttle, clutch and brake control, and further expands on proper body positioning and understanding weight transfer at both low and higher speeds on dirt and gravel.

Level III Training is for advanced riders who are also life-long learners and want to keep their skills sharp for every riding season.  This class is also a great for advanced riders who simply want a good refresher each year.  Want to make it an even better experience? Pair it up with our 3 Day Backcountry Readiness Ride immediately following this class allowing you to practice your skills under Dusty’s watchful eye while riding some of the most scenic backcountry routes in the world.

A list of Advanced training exercises and skills:

Being more comfortable and able to ride faster in corners and in more technically difficult terrain requires precise and confident braking control.

We will focus on completely stopping and balancing the bike on flat ground, in tight aggressive turns and on steep downhills.

Here we will focus on the ability to control the rear wheels’ direction in a side to side motion while in the skid. We will also teach you how to turn into and out of your skid with precision. Hint: It involves the front brake!

We will teach you how to use throttle power to steer with the rear wheel to quickly change directions and power through and out of corners.

Need we say more? We will teach you how to power slide into corners and drift the bike all the way through and out of the corner…no fun at all!

If you desire to ride at this level, you will come across tough uphill and downhill sections on trails. Understanding how to navigate them on a big bike will boost your confidence in many situations.

We will teach you the timing and body position required to loft the bike over rideable logs and embedded rocks or steps.

Here we teach you more about reading the terrain and how to make adjustments to your body position and input to the bike. We will practice this on wide open flowing roads and tougher more technical trails.

To top off this training and take you to the next level, we will teach you everything you have learned on some of the most breathtaking scenery in the USA!

Common Questions:

We usually start around 9am and end around 5pm

Please plan on packing a lunch. This provides us with as much time together as we can. This is also a good time for casual conversation.

Some events may have exceptions to this so please review additional information in the specific event.

Safety is always highest priority.

If rain, snow or ice is expected, we will make a determination if the class needs to be rescheduled or postponed.

Tires of style suitable for 50/50 street/dirt are good for entry level.

The more rugged generally provides more confidence.

Pure street tires are not recommended.

We want to avoid injuries as much as possible. Please consider the following:

  • Helmet
  • Over the ankle boots at a minimum
    • motocross style is preferred
  • Jacket and/or upper-body protection
  • Pants and/or lower-body protection
  • Gloves

You do not need to fully outfit your bike yet. Many big adventure bikes are outfitted with some protection from plastic damage caused by falls – crash bars. The benefit you will receive from us during the training will be outfitting suggestions. We will go over some of the best gear to help make the bike better fit you as well as bike protection.

We do require that you have taken and completed West 38 Moto’s Level 2 Intermediate Training prior to taking this class.

Interested in this 2 Day Training Event?

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