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What level training do I need?

  • I am not a beginner rider, but new to riding a bigger bike off road
  • I have been riding off road on my adventure bike and want to understand more about what I am doing and increase my skill level
  • I want to push myself and my bike to the limit
  • Beginner? See our Off Road Training Level 1
  • Intermediate? See our Off Road Training Level 2
  • Advanced? See our Off Road Training Level 3


I just want to ride and have you take care of everything!

  • I want a tour where I am in a lodge or hotel every night.
  • I want a tour where I am camping off my bike some nights with a hotel mixed in here and there.

Backcountry Readiness Rides

Develop your skills on the trail! We're there to guide and coach.

  • 3 days of exploring local area riding terrain
  • Real-time training on the trail
  • Utilizing technique to deal with weather impact and technical obstacles
  • Packing your bike for your chosen ride
  • What tools to take and basic field repairs
  • Planning and following a route using a GPS
  • Basic wilderness self-reliance skills
  • Emergency location devices and how to use them

Our instructors have  a combined million+ miles of riding experience.

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