West38Moto transforms your off-road riding skills, giving you more tools to enjoy your adventures.

 We’ve been there…you know, that tenacious intention to get off-road someday but not knowing quite where to start. Adventure means something different to everyone. Whatever your adventure is, we want to help you experience it by developing your riding skills and boosting your confidence.

 West38Moto offers an experience unlike other off-road motorcycle training and guiding companies. We recognize that not everyone functions well outside their comfort zone, while others want to be pushed out if it. People learn at different speeds, in distinctive ways, and will reach individualized goals. Because everyone has to start somewhere, our focus is on teaching off-road fundamentals at your pace and expanding the size of your comfort zone.

 This is your training. We are here to help you succeed in your own way.

 Besides developing off-road motorcycle skills, you’ll also find yourself networking, building valuable relationships, and experiencing camaraderie that can’t be found in places other than on the trail or around a campfire. West38Moto aims to help you ride safely and skillfully and, better yet, discover things about your environment and yourself that you never thought possible.

West 38 Moto Team

Brian Walsh

Mark Johnson

Kelly Goertzen

John Murakami

Dave Followill

Matthew Brummett








New Mexico