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Join Dusty & Bill on the Baja Tour of a lifetime

What’s better than sunshine, motorcycles and an evening margarita? How about an immersive off-pavement training and tour experience with industry-renowned adventure riding instructor and Host of MOTOTREK, Dusty Wessels, and BMW-Certified Off Road Instructor and 2010 GS Trophy U.S. team member, Bill Dragoo. West38Moto and D.A.R.T. (Dragoo Adventure Rider Training) have teamed up to bring you professional off-road training followed by five days riding in beautiful Baja California, Mexico. Your week begins with two days of tour-specific, skill-building exercises in sunny Borrego Springs, California. The course is intended for beginner to intermediate level riders but riders of all levels will benefit. 

Have your passports ready. After sharpening your skills and boosting your confidence, prepare to cross the border into Mexico! You will spend the next five days riding mostly off-pavement roads from the mountains to the Sea of Cortez to the Pacific coast. Kick back at the end of each day with a fresh margarita or a cold cerveza. 

This will be a Level 2 Intermediate/Advanced Training and Tour

Level 2 Intermediate: 2 Day Training 

This 1-day training class further refines your control of the motorcycle through the continued goal of mastery of the clutch, brake and throttle. We’ll also refine and explain in detail proper body position over loose sandy terrain and during tight maneuvering. Our major focus will be on riding steeper and tighter hills with turns and varying depths of sand during this 1 Day Training. 

Training exercises and skills you will learn in level 2:

Controlled stops and skids using the front, rear and both brakes together

We’ll dive deeper into understanding the full range of the front brake and where the rear brake is most useful

Understanding body positioning and counterbalancing while riding slow around corners and obstacles

We will tighten the turns, decrease the speed, and add increased use of the controls

Climbing and descending turns on hills with obstacles and switchbacks

We’ll increase the difficulty of the hills and add turns and slow descents

Restarting and Recovering from stalls on hills

Know how and when to stop and restart

How to ride sand or mud safely and comfortably

These will depend on if we have sand or mud in the area

Foot peg influence and pressure

Understanding what this means to learn to steer the bike from the waist down and more specifically with your foot pegs

Tour Common Questions:

How difficult is the riding?

The riding on this trip is similar to mountain and desert riding. There will be sand, rocks, ruts, small hill climbs and washouts…so normal adventure riding! Don’t worry too much about the sand, it’s not terribly deep, it doesn’t go on for miles, you have professional guides/instructors with you to assist you and the scenery and remoteness of the area makes up for it!

What kind of motorcycle do I need?

There is no one answer to this question because it depends on preferences, riding ability, and of course, budget. Any motorcycle can be converted into a dual sport bike. Heck, we know people who have converted their Harleys into adventure bikes! For this tour, we will be riding terrain that is big adventure bike friendly (BMW 1200GS, KTM 1290 etc.). However, we have had many customers ride smaller and mid size dual sport bikes and enjoy the ride just as much. If you don’t have a bike right now, we can help you with a rental.

Will a support truck be following us?

Yes. Our support truck will be carrying everything we need including room for your gear if you don’t want to carry it on your bike.

*Note: Support truck will follow us as long as we get at least 6 People

How do I need to pack my bike?

Pack lightly, efficiently, and in a way that encourages proper bike performance. We can help you with that! Since we are staying in all hotels, we can all travel lite on this tour. We suggest daily packing of snacks, water, and clothing for layering to adjust for the conditions.

What protection do I need for my bike?

We recommend the following at the minimum:

Note: Not having these items does not mean you can’t come on the tour. It just means your bike may get damaged and the protection we recommend is for major working components.

  • Skid Plate
  • Crash Bars
  • Headlight guard
  • Radiator Guards
What tires do I need for my bike?

We recommend at least a 50/50 tire and even better is a more dirt or off-road focused tire. We will be riding through some technical sections that are more comfortable with a more off road focused tire.

How many people are in the riding group?

We limit our groups to 10 people

Baja Training & Tour Itinerary:


  • This event is a combined training and tour event. During training, food and lodging will be provided and we will all stay in the same hotel in Borrego Springs, CA.
  • We will meet up Saturday after 3:00 pm. Specific Hotel meeting place will be provided upon sign up.
  • We will have a place for you to store your truck and trailer for the duration of the tour.
  • Sunday will be our 1 Day Training course in Borrego Springs, CA.
  • Monday morning, we will head for the border and our first destination for the tour.
  • Monday – Friday we will ride the northern mountains of Baja and the pacific coast. (Exact route is subject to change at any moment due to weather and road conditions).
  • Friday – We’ll cross the border back into the US. This day and everyone can make their way from the border. The tour will be going back to Borrego Springs to assist you in picking up any stored vehicles. Hotel accommodations on this night are at your own expense.

20feb(feb 20)8:00 am25(feb 25)5:00 pmW38M and DART Baja Training & TourSpecial Event

Women’s Level 1 Beginner: 2 Day Training, 1 Day Ride

Off-road skills don’t happen overnight.  We want you to feel comfortable when you transition from the pavement to the dirt, and our training will help you build the finesse required to adventure ride safely.  Breaking down each movement into easy-to-understand steps is the key to our training.  The Triple Threat—or clutch, brake, and throttle—is one example of our focus on the fundamentals of controlling the motorcycle at slow speeds.  By re-learning how to precisely control the actions of clutching, braking, and throttling, you’ll maximize your riding capability using this core principle.  The Triple Threat is the backbone of our training program and it carries over into every exercise we do. One thing is for sure…you will have a lot more confidence, the necessary tools, and refined skills to help you “Ride your Ride.” 

*This training event will be held near the town of Borrego Springs, CA. Exact meet up time and place will be communicated upon booking.

Training Itinerary:

  • Meetup Day will be the Friday before training after 4 pm. Exact meet up location will be shared upon booking.
  • If you are staying at a different hotel in town, feel free to come and say hi Friday evening.
  • If you are arriving Saturday, please arrive by 8:00 am.
  • If you drove in with your bike in your truck or on a trailer, we will have a place for you to store them for the duration of the training. (Please let us know this so we can discuss this option with you)
  • Training will be Saturday and Sunday. Monday will be a trail ride in the local area to put your new skills to the test.
  • This event will end late afternoon on Monday.

16apr(apr 16)8:00 am18(apr 18)5:00 pmW38M Women's Only Training with Cassie MaierWomen's Only Training

Join us for this amazing training session

Adventure means something different to everyone. Whatever your adventure is, we want to help you experience it by developing your riding skills and boosting your confidence. Whether you are just making the transition from pavement to dirt or you have been exploring off-road for a while, this training has something to offer all skill levels.

West38Moto offers an experience unlike other off-road motorcycle training and guiding companies. We recognize that not everyone functions well outside their comfort zone, while others want to be pushed out if it. People learn at different speeds, in distinctive ways, and will reach individualized goals at their own pace. Because everyone must start somewhere, our focus is on teaching off-road fundamentals at your pace and expanding the size of your comfort zone.

Training with the experienced and talented staff from West38Moto, riders will spend two full days training & 1 day of off-road riding and practicing the basics of off-road riding learning all the tools needed to transform your adventure, regardless of your skill level.








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